Walter Sturm (WaSt) triptych:
”George Dummy-U: Megalomaniac Pseudochrist“

Triptych "George Dummy-U: Megalomaniac Pseudochrist"

“George W. Busch:
A pseudochristian hatchet man wading in blood”

The nascence of the triptych:    

Even long before there was talk of Tsunamis, Walter Sturm (WaSt) dealt with the violence of nature (earthquakes, inundations, fires and such) and with the violence of human beings (wars, atrocities), which those concerned cannot withstand, to which they are helplessly exposed. Consequently, situations into which people are thrown without being able to defend themselves. Two events caused Walter Sturm to deal with these problems in color: a painter friend, who had made the Dresden air raid from 13 to 15 February 1945 a theme of her paintings, keeping the entire cycle of paintings in hues of black and grey; and the big Tsunami in the Indian Ocean on 26 December 2004 that claimed the lives of more than 230,000 people.

Walter Sturm lived the air raid of Freiburg on 27 November 1944 with four casualties in his family; and three members of his extended family fell victim to the big Tsunami in 2004. These and similar events surged into his awareness in the red of the blood and the black of death and destruction. He started the series TUANK, trying to come to terms with these events in his art.

Possibly, the series TUANK is by far not complete...

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2005: # 05053 - 05068, 05070 - 05076


2006: # 06067 - 06085, 06089


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The logical consequence of the TUANK series was the attempt to cope with violence against people caused by war in his artistic work. Now, WaSt deals with a catastrophe that-perceivable for everybody-is the unfathomable climax of the policy represented by George Dummy-u Busch that could not be any dumber or more miserable. The terrifying thing is that George W.-by alleging religious “awakening“ and with his drivel about crusade and prayer before each cabinet meeting had the American people downright run in circles and inveigled them to support him and his oil war. The shock about this perfidious game and the associated bloodshed triggered Walter Sturm’s triptych:

”George Dummy-U: Megalomaniac Pseudochrist“

This triptych more or less erupted from WaSt, initially without him knowing what he would put on canvass, but carried by the impulse to artistically express the pain about the consequences of an insidious, dishonest, and manipulated world, because: “Who … stands out from the all too smooth, mediocre world, the general trend to uniformity and egalitarianism, who still throws the spanners in the works, who is hostile to silent functioning, if not the modern artist? According to Hilde Domin he still has the courage to take sides against equity and neutrality, he is the last to defend a freedom that is only barely breathing, the voice of humanity that offends and keeps vulnerable. He is the partisan in a hostile, oppressive environment, the anarchist, who always says NO, when the others say YES without protesting, who dares to question everything that others have long accepted in resignation. Without him, who does not want to remain an uninvolved spectator and consumer in the world, but wants to be an active participant and takes part in shaping the world, there would not only be no cultural development for the future, but the entire history of the world would quasi come to a halt, would remain stuck in mediocrity“ (According to Diether Rudloff quoting Andreas Mäckler: “Anthroposophie und Malerei,“ page 321).

Dummy-U and Rumsfeld are the last messengers of the moral bankruptcy of American politics. When oil business is beckoning, criminals like Saddam Hussein are chased and killed, if someone like Allende disturbs the political visual field, he is also killed, but if a gangster like Pinochet benefits business, America is conniving with him. Thus, America looses its face and reputation worldwide, because the values that once stood for democracy, character, and moral were tipped in the gutter under the commandment of industry and the military named Dummy-U and Rumsfeld.

It makes any thinking person throw up. Where was the outcry in America and in the civilized world, when American politicians, in immeasurable emotional neglect and cruel moral disintegration talked about collateral damages in the face of torn, slashed, hacked, and burnt bodies of children, innocent men and women (which is politically absolutely correct, because you are always a politician and thus rarely “human “)?

Where was the outcry, when Seif al-Islam al-Gaddafi, son of Libyan revolution leader Muammar al-Gaddafi, said smiling, that of course Libya had known that the Romanian nurses and the Palestinian physician, who for eight years-under the most atrocious prison conditions and torture-had been forced to “confessions“ were innocent? What pitiful role did the French President Nicolas Sarkozy play in their “liberation?“ Has anybody ever heard that Sarkozy, had cancelled the agreed “business“ after the talk that Seif al-Islam al-Gaddafi’s had delivered with so much chutzpa? Did he express any form of criticism? Don’t the French have a similar problem with Sarkozy as the Americans with their Dummy-U? The triptych: “George Dummy-U: Megalomaniac Pseudochrist“ is the outcry of an artist, who is fed up with having to continue to listen to the idle chatter of a self-proclaimed “elite,“ who is tired of having to watch how all of mankind are made fools with the help of the media that are close to the political parties because they are financially bought and directed by high finance. The artist has had enough!!!

Politicians never change. First their purses, then the industry associated with it, and then nothing for a long time. Only an outcry from the grass-roots will take the spoon out of the hands of the gluttons at the top. - What we need is to totally reshape the forms of democracy, a total separation of politics, industry, and the mass media (Federal Chancellor Merkel is “friendly“ with the Springer widow, the owner of the paper “Bild-Zeitung,” – according to the opinion of the painter the leading mass manipulation paper in the Federal Republic of Germany). 

The painter invites you to an exchange of opinion:

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In addition, it is not possible for the artist to make corrections in foreign languages that he does not master. He intends to collect the additional titles and publish them on CD-ROM or in a book.

And finally:

If Dummy-U had had the courage that he expects from the American troops he would have resigned. Since he is supposed to be the dumbest President that America ever had let me dare to draw the following conclusion: he is also the most cowardly! Too cowardly to resign; same as at the time of his military service in Vietnam. Or did the American people force him to resign? This would have required independent media, which America does not have, this would have required a people, of which the majority starts thinking, something that America does not have either . . .  

So far the opinion of the artist.

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